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The cigar is named after (“J.C.”) Newman, founder of the Cigar Company. Like all cigars cigars are produced at in the . The blend uses an Ecuadorian Havana-seed wrapper, a Dominican binder, and Caribbean basin and Central American fillers aged for five years.

Quick Cigar Review: Diamond Crown | Julius Caeser 1895 PerfectoThe cigar was created to celebrate the 115th anniversary of Cigars and the 135th birthday or . The business has been in the same family for over 100 years.

Quick Cigar Review: Diamond Crown | Julius Caeser 1895 Perfecto Details:


This cigar’s appearance is really something to look at.   The shape, the smooth wrapper with no visible seams.  The light blue of the band really pops against the dark brown wrapper.   

First Third

The first few puffs are tight, which is expected of a , but nothing difficult. As I get a few puffs in, I get some deep deep sweet notes, mixed in with some cedar. Not getting any spice in this cigar to speak of and very easy on the retro with some nice floral notes. 

Second Third

The second third begins without too much change, just a slight notch up strength-wise. Still getting the sweetness but the cedar has faded a bit.   Really enjoying the notes I am getting as this is a great cigar for after dinner . So far, this cigar is well-balanced with a sold flavor profile. This third finished out pleasantly and with longer finish.  

Final Third

The final third turns to a strong espresso with a touch of pepper.   The sweetness has faded and a bit of nuttiness has joined the espresso.   Strength finishes out a medium.  

Overall Impressions

This cigar while the first two thirds had a similar profile this for sure wasn’t a bad thing.   Enjoyed this cigar from beginning to end and always happy for that next puff.    I have smoked plenty of the Julius Caesar in other sizes and have to say this was a treat.   If you have a lounge near you pick one up! 

Total Score - Great

-Zane (Zane G)

Quick Cigar Review: | Julius Caesar