Felix Assouline Ego Shots IPCPR 2013 Blind Man's Puff
Felix Assouline Ego Shots

IPCPR 2013: Surprise Smoke of the Day

| Ego Shots

After chatting with Felix for a while about his new company and blends, he recommended to us the “Ego Shots.” These are a 5×24 cigarillo, but he explained to us that they are hand rolled and all long leaf. We skeptically lit up these tiny guys, and within seconds we were exchanging looks of pleasant surprise.
I have never been a fan of cigarillos mostly because I feel like they don't get taken seriously and are usually an afterthought extension of a line, but in this case they have a real winner. We smoked through our samples in about 20 minutes, great for a lunch break or a cold day. All three of us agreed that this was a very nice surprise and none of us have had an experience this enjoyable with such a small cigar. We got samples of their other lines and will be distributing them to our regular reviewers in the weeks to come, and if these are any indication of things to come from , I expect great things, and we may see some high ratings. Keep your eye on these lines. These come is boxes of 100 and should retail somewhere between $1-$2.

-Emmett (rhetorik)