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Blind Cigar Review: Cubanacan | Mederos Oscuro Fifty 3

“I enjoyed this cigar. I’m starting to become more a fan of the torpedo shape and although this seemed to start out a little harsh, the flavors came to the forefront and stole the show. I would recommend this cigar for those aficionados who wish to have changing complexities throughout his smoke.” -Kent (Throck)

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Cigar News: Cubanacan Announces Mederos and New Vitola

The Cubanacan Cigars family has announced the 5th year anniversary celebration of the Mederos brand. Over the years the Mederos brand has enjoyed a small following in the industry and being able to now take the brand to a more National stage is the new trajectory. The 3 blends that comprise Mederos has remained. The Mederos family is excited about the increase in visibility of the brand and looks forward to going out in support of it. It’s been an amazing year for the company as they have opened over 500 new accounts since the last industry trade show.

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