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Tag: Reinier Lorenzo

Blind Cigar Review: HVC | Serie A Perlas Score 91%

Blind Cigar Review: HVC | Serie A Perlas

“Overall, not a bad tasty cigar, definitely slightly above average if smoked correctly, slow and low. The loose draw made this one smoke rather quickly, 55 minutes to be exact, and forced the smoker to slow down and sip this sample. The creamy notes of almonds, leather, peanut shells, and wood complimented each other very nicely and provided a well-balanced experience. I believe this would only be amplified with a better constructed cigar and would be improved immensely. ” -John A. (Bostoneo)

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Cigar News: HVC Adds Two New Vitolas to 500th Anniversary

Last year, HVC released the 500th Anniversary cigar to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the formation of the city Havana, Cuba. HVC stand for Havana City Cuba. Now, that 500th Anniversary gets two new vitolas. The original “TESOROS” measured 5 7/8 X 52, now they are adding a 4 1/2×52 SHORTS and a 5 5/8×46 SELECTOS. The SHORTS will be exclusive to online stores, and SELECTOS exclusive to brick and mortar. There will only be a combined 1200 boxes made of new sizes.

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Quick Cigar Review: HVC | Edicion Especial 2015 Toro

This cigar carried a bit more strength than I expected based on previous cigars from HVC. It has darker flavors which would make me lean towards smoking it in the evening or as a final cigar of a multi-cigar smoking experience. There weren’t many transitions, but that is OK as the cigars flavors were good. I wouldn’t recommend this cigar to a new smoker, but rather someone that is interested in strength along with flavors of earthiness, coffee and wood.

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