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Blind Cigar Review: Rocky Patel | A.L.R. (Aged Limited & Rare) Robusto

“This wasn’t the most progressive smoke in the world for me but it was very pleasant. I enjoyed the flavor notes and especially the last third where the smok tobacco came more into play. This cigar was very relaxing to me as it was smooth, minimal if at all pepper notes, cocoa, some floral and other earthy flavors were consistent and tasty.” -Diana (ArmyRN)

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Cigar News: Rocky Patel Announces ALR

Today, Rocky Patel Premium Cigars (RPPC) announced a new brand the be debuted at the IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas, ALR. ALR stands for Aged, Limited, and Rare. This is the first in the series that plans to run for years to come. The project started three years ago when Rocky blended a special small batch cigar that he would only order a run of 100,000. He decided it would be a good cigars to age and this became the first ALR.

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