Blind Cigar Review: Total Flame | Spokes Panatellas

Blind Cigar Review: Total Flame | Spokes Panatellas

Blind Cigar Review: Total Flame | Spokes PanatellasCigar Info

This long filler Nicaraguan puro is blended with tobacco from the volcanic island of Ometepe, Nicaragua. Full of flavor and convenient, these cigars are small but can deliver you to the edge of the World. Total Flame Cigars was founded by Vladimir Roshchin and Maxim Privezentsev. The two met at a cigar event in Moscow, Russia and learned they had a common passion for both cigars and motorcycles. They soon collaborated to launch Total Flame and in 2011 toured of the globe on motorcycles. The company has a United States headquarters in Amarillo, Texas.

This cigar was reviewed blind (no bands) by a panel of at least 4 reviewers. They did not know what they were smoking beforehand. The scores are an average of all the reviewers' scores with outliers removed. All of our cigars reviewed are shipped to the panelists with Boveda packs to ensure optimal smoking experience.

Blind Cigar Review: Total Flame | Spokes PanatellasVital Stats:

Vitola: Panatella
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 32
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Factory: Plasencia Cigars S.A
Blender: Undisclosed
Number of reviewers: 5 – Matthew T. (A Huge Nerd) Derek (StogieNinja) Jason H. (Jokey Smurf) Kyle (kaleehb) Dave W. (mdwest)
Price: $4.60
Age: 6 Months
Release Date: July 2014
Contributed by: Total Flame Cigars

Blind Cigar Review: Total Flame | Spokes Panatellas

Initial Impressions

Appearance: 94

“A very nice looking little 32rg cigarillo. Very nice golden brown wrapper, no prominent veins, very smooth.” -Derek (StogieNinja)

Aroma: 89

“The aroma is quite sweet with a bit of cedar in the background. In addition to the sweetness I can detect a slight cherry note.” –Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)

Blind Cigar Review: Total Flame | Spokes PanatellasFirst Third

Flavor: 90
Strength: Medium
Body/Complexity: Medium

“The draw was VERY open, which caused the first light and first few draws caused the cigar to get hot. I knew at that point that I would have to smoke this slowly. The flavors in the beginning were mostly leather and tobacco. At one point in the first third, some awesome floral and citrus notes come into play. Later in the first third, an incredible cinnamon note joins the party and becomes the predominant flavor in the profile.” –Matthew T. (A Huge Nerd)

“Starts with a grassy hay, mild sweet tobacco, and some honey overtones. Draw is amazing, just right. At a half inch, there’s more honey, salted peanuts, and a hint of citrus. By the one inch mark, the citrus is notable; its not sour, just tangy. Honey and orange peel, it’s quite nice.” -Derek (StogieNinja)

Blind Cigar Review: Total Flame | Spokes PanatellasSecond Third

Flavor: 91
Strength: Medium
Body/Complexity: Medium-Full

“The second third really takes off. The floral, citrus, cinnamon and cedar flavors are joined by a light leather finish. Every draw has a great complexity and rich body. The retrohale is like burying my face in a cedar box filled with cinnamon sticks. Very nice!” –Matthew T. (A Huge Nerd)

“There’s a richness to it now. Honey and citrus are at the front, joined by a hint of floral, and some baking spices. Almost like a pie crust warmth, it’s very nice. The draw remains perfect, burn remains razor sharp, and the smoke output is remarkable for such a tiny smoke. I’m quite impressed!” -Derek (StogieNinja)

Blind Cigar Review: Total Flame | Spokes PanatellasFinal Third

Flavor: 93
Strength: Medium
Body/Complexity: Medium-Full

“Just when I think it can’t get any more complex, a nice note of black pepper comes in. This is a great compliment to the sweetness, cedar, leather, floral, citrus, and still prominent cinnamon flavor. There are so many things going on in this flavor profile, but all of the flavors are discernible and accessible.” –Matthew T. (A Huge Nerd)

“No major changes from the second to the final third, except that it gets a little hot sooner than I would like, but with a 32rg, its to be expected. Citrus, honey, baking spices, nuts, pie crust. A nice little cigar!” -Derek (StogieNinja)

Overall Impressions

Draw: 91

“You really couldn’t ask for a better draw. Just the right amount of resistance was provided. No real room for improvement here.” –Dave W. (mdwest)

Burn: 94

“A totally maintenance free smoking experience with no touch ups required. Excellent combustion from start to finish. I was pretty impressed with how well this stick held onto an ash, and was able to get one well over 2″ at one point with no problem.” –Dave W. (mdwest)

Construction: 94

“Can’t complain when a cigar looks nice, burns well, and smokes great…well done.” –Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)

Overall Strength: Medium
Overall Body/Complexity: Medium-Full
Overall Experience: 93

“I am a small RG fanboy so that was a good selling point for me right away. Then the flavor profile absolutely blew me away and the burn was close to flawless. I would gladly reach for this cigar again.” –Matthew T. (A Huge Nerd)

“32rg is a little small for my liking, but I was really impressed with this little guy. Warm, rich flavors, great draw and burn, in a very tiny package. Great for fans of this kind of profile, I definitely recommend it!” -Derek (StogieNinja)

“This cigar, as a whole was better than its individual parts. The smoke started slightly rough but quickly became quite interesting and enjoyable. For a short smoke this is easily something I’d recommend to others.” –Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)

“This cigar was certainly a nice change of pace. This would be a very fine companion to a morning coffee or afternoon latte. Not really a cigar I would reach for on a regular basis, but if you’re looking to enjoy something new this cigar would be a solid option.” -Kyle (kaleehb)

“I very nice short smoke that would make a great addition to the rotation for either very hot or very cold days when you don’t want to be outside for a long period of time. Solid performance and nice flavors. I will smoke this one again in the future for sure.” –Dave W. (mdwest)


Smoking Time (in minutes): 31


Matthew T. A Huge Nerd) 90 90 90 92 95 88 97 95 95
Derek StogieNinja) 97 95 92 95 95 100 97 97 95
Jason H. Jokey Smurf) 93 92 90 92 92 95 93 93 95
Kyle kaleehb) 95 88 88 90 90 90 93 90 90
Dave W. mdwest) 85 88 90 90 90 92 90 85 90

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Blind Cigar Review: Total Flame | Spokes Panatellas

Blind Cigar Review: Total Flame | Spokes Panatellas
First Third
Second Third
Final Third
Overall Experience
Total Score - Excellent