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Category: Juan Peña

Blind Cigar Review: Pulita | 60 Aniversario Toro Score 89%

Blind Cigar Review: Pulita | 60 Aniversario Toro

“This cigar hit all of my sweet spots in terms of flavor. Peppery, leathery, with hints of scotch whiskey toward the end. I’d happily invest in a few more of these to see if I could get some with a more consistent draw. I bet this would be a tremendous smoke if that issue was ameliorated. ” -John I. (John I.)

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Blind Cigar Review: Exactus | Puro Ambar Short Coloso

“Overall, the cigar started off pretty good for me. After it lost most of the spice, which was early on, it seemed to stay the same during the last two thirds. It became pretty mild overall, but was a nice creamy smoke with some sweetness. It was just OK for me, nothing spectacular.” -Wes (SosaCub4Life)

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