Cigar News: Davidoff Announces Year of the Monkey
Cigar News: Davidoff Announces Year of the Monkey

Cigar News: Davidoff Announces Year of the Monkey

Cigar News: Davidoff Announces Year of the Monkey
Cigar News: Announces

Davidoff Cigars celebrates the Chinese Year of the Monkey with an exclusive 2016 Limited Edition and exciting accessories

Basel, November 2015. To mark the Chinese and delight Chinese aficionados across the globe, Cigars will be introducing a highly exclusive Chinese 2016 Limited Edition.

found its inspiration for this new 2016 Limited Edition in the character traits of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Monkey and in the noble material associated with the cultures of South and East Asia — bamboo. There is no better way to celebrate the Monkey's charisma, appreciation for refinement, originality and luxury than with this beautifully crafted and original Special cigar”, says Charles Awad, Senior Vice President Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger AG.
Monkeys are clever creatures and crafty opportunists. Enthusiastic about everything, they spend their time broadening their minds and are especially fascinated with art. They, like , see time as something to be filled beautifully. They are simply lovable enthusiasts, eager to experience all the various flavours life has to offer, flavours which is equally eager to supply.

Cigar News: Davidoff Announces Year of the Monkey
Cigar News: Announces

About the Year of the Monkey cigar

These exclusive cigars have been lovingly crafted using the rarest and most precious ingredient — time. The Special with an extraordinary pigtail is seen by connoisseurs as the most majestic cigar shape. The Ecuadorian Rojiza wrapper holds this unique and complex blend of Nicaraguan, Mexican, Dominican and Peruvian tobaccos which have been combined to perfection by the Master Blenders, who share the Monkey's pursuit of complexity and class through artistry. Finally, the cigar's individuality is confirmed by the second ring displaying the image of the Monkey.

The ten cigars will come in a hand-crafted premium bamboo wooden box with a laser engraving shaped and designed to reflect the aesthetic origins of Chinese culture. Bamboo is one of the “Four Gentlemen” (bamboo, orchid, plum blossom and chrysanthemum). It plays such an important role in traditional Chinese culture that it is even regarded as a model for gentlemanly behaviour. In Asia bamboo is not merely a plant; it forms part of people's lives. It epitomises qualities such as integrity, tenacity and an upright nature, the very same values possessed by any gentleman who enjoys a cigar.

For this Limited Edition, the irrepressible Monkey will be seen in very sophisticated company. Its inimitable blend is a must have for anyone who, with a cigar in their hand and a twinkle in their eye, is searching for an entertaining companion to celebrate the Chinese New Year with.

Flavour and tobacco notes

Aficionados should enjoy this complex and balanced cigar slowly. Flavours of roasted bread, fruit, cream and a playfulness ranging from sweet to peppery notes are making this cigar worth being a “Year Of” cigar.

  • Format : Special with pigtail
  • Length/Diameter: 50 RG x 6 1/2
  • Wrapper: Rojiza Corte 3 (EC)
  • Binder: Negro San Andrés (MX)
  • Filler: Ometepe Visus (NIC), Piloto Visus, San Vicente Ligero, Hybrid Corojo/Olor Ligero (DR), Peruvian Seco (Peru)
Cigar News: Davidoff Announces Year of the Monkey
Cigar News: Announces

About the Davidoff Year of the Monkey 2016 Limited Edition ashtrays

The 2016 Limited Edition comes with two new ashtrays celebrating this charismatic sign. One of these ashtrays is a new design with a round single size. The soft and smooth edges evoke The Monkey icon while there is enough space to gather the ashes of the many cigars aficionados will enjoy. The rectangular emblematic ashtray with two notches is also part of the accessories collection.

Tradition meets modernity with the matt and brilliant gold mixed with vibrant red to create a rich pattern evoking the many red envelopes exchanged during the Chinese New Year.

The 2016 Limited Edition ashtrays are made in Limoges, the heart of the French porcelain industry, by 's longtime partner who owns the prestigious “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label. The partnership guarantees that ashtrays are crafted in the fine tradition of French porcelain.

Those travelling the world before returning to China for the celebrations may find these accessories to be the perfect Christmas gift – to fill their time beautifully.

  • Rectangular: 16 x 20 x 3.5 cm
  • Round: 16 x 16 x 4.5 cm

Launch and availability

Only 8500 of the 2016 Limited Edition boxes will be crafted. The 2016 Limited Edition cigars and ashtrays will be available at Appointed Merchants/Depositaires and at Flagship Stores worldwide, starting in the USA in November 2015, followed by Europe in December 2016, and Asia in January 2016.