Cigar News: Jordan Alexander III Cigars Announces AnthraciteDalton, PA – Premium Cigar Company (JA3 Cigars) officially announces the release of their newest line, . This new line is expected to ship in late Summer, 2016. It comes as the second full production line by Cigars, with a current portfolio housing the JA3 Corojo which is available in four vitolas.

The line is a tribute to the coal mining history of JA3 Cigars’ home of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The vast majority of coal is found along veins in Pennsylvania, specifically in the Scranton area. Scranton’s area has a very rich mining history with many of the breakers and production houses still intact as landmarks.

is one of the oldest, darkest, hardest, and purest varieties of coal in the world. JA3 Cigars’ has been designed from this template. “We’ve chosen a blend that honors the dark coal and the pure ash it leaves behind by using a rich Mexican San Andres wrapper and a blend that burns with a solid, white and grey ash,” the company said.

Cigar News: Jordan Alexander III Cigars Announces Anthracite

Cigars gives appreciation to the Pennsylvania Heritage Museum and Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour for access to their museum and materials in the early stages of this process. “Our hometown is incredibly important to the JA3 brand,” the owners of JA3 Cigars state. “We’re very proud of where we come from and are excited to honor its history with this line. The Heritage Museum showed us the incredible history that built the Scranton area, and we’re very thankful for their help and continued efforts in preserving and promoting our region’s past.”

Like the JA3 Corojo, is manufactured by in Santiago, Dominican Republic. It is constructed using a Mexican San Andres wrapper, a Dominican binder, and Dominican Criollos & Nicaraguan filler. The will be available in three vitolas; The Marvin (5×52), The Avondale (4.5×60), and The Bellevue (6.5×48). The names have been inspired by the coal breakers in the Northeastern Pennsylvania region.

The MSRPs for the line are: $8 Marvin (Robusto), $8.25 Bellevue (Lonsdale Grande), $8.50 Avondale (Robusto Gordo). comes in 18-count boxes.

The is currently available to all retailers for pre-order. Pre-launch deliveries are available for Pennsylvania shops.

For more information, please visit and follow JA3 on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @JA3Cigars.

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