Quick Cigar Review: Davdioff | Yamasa Toro

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The new Yamasá has been 20 years in the making. It all started out with Master Blender Henke Kelner’s dream to turn the unforgiving swampland of the Yamasá region into a successful tobacco-growing field. When everyone said it couldn’t be done, Henke persisted. He held an unwavering belief in the natural bounties and potential for the land.

On an endless pursuit to bring cigar aficionados new tastes, experiences and pleasures, Henke Kelner and his team of experts relentlessly nurtured and cultivated the Yamasá soil – a soil that was relunctant to change. Discovering that the soil contained too much sand and loam, they added nitrate and calcium by hand to each and every single tobacco plant. In Henke’s own words, they “continued, continued and continued” until they got it right. Thanks to his determination, a journey into the new Yamasá series is truly one to an undiscovered planet.

The new Yamasá cigar range will be available to cigar aficionados at selected Appointed Merchants in the US in late July, and at Depositaries/ Flagship Stores worldwide in September 2016.

The new Yamasá series combines tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic with a wrapper and binder from the Yamasá region. The earthiness of the Yamasá region together with the spice and sweetness of the Nicaraguan Estelí and Condega tobaccos and the Dominican Piloto and Mejorado tobaccos for this cigar.


The wrapper is a dark colorado color with a few veins and visible seams. The wrapper is fairly toothy and a bit lumpy, but looks tasty. The pre-light is full of flavor, mostly white pepper and leather, with a but of musty flavor, like a curing barn.

Quick Cigar Review: Davdioff | Yamasa ToroFirst Third

The first puffs are milder than I expected from the pre-light draw, but there is tons of flavor. More of that white pepper, but not much heat to speak of. The musty leather sticks around for a while then is overtaken by a dark cocoa flavor. Towards the end of this third, a note of butterscotch comes along. VERY nice.

Quick Cigar Review: Davdioff | Yamasa ToroSecond Third

The second third has picked up in strength a bit, putting it around the medium level, but not harsh at and and I can still retrohale. This white pepper has transitioned into a black pepper, making for a very nice subtle transition. Near the end of the third, the peppers flavor makes another change into Allspice.

Quick Cigar Review: Davdioff | Yamasa ToroFinal Third

The strength has come up much closer to full. The flavors are outstanding and perfectly balanced. The spice has come full circle and is displaying all of the previously tastes ones white pepper, black pepper, and allspice. There is a bit of cocoa coming back into play and the base of leather is the perfect backdrop for these flavors.

Overall Thoughts

I imagine this is what a fresh Cuban would have tasted like back in the 80’s. I’ve been fortunate to have one that was almost 30 years old, so I know the profile, but in those 30 years, some strength is lost. I appreciated the Nicaragua for it’s Nicaraguan take on the classic profile and it’s perfectly balanced flavors. I appreciated the Escurio for how unique and different it was. But this, is something completely different. This is a truly full flavored cigar that teeters in medium-full strength and has such a great classic profile. This is a game changer, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I liked this cigar even better than the Box-Pressed Nicaragua.

Total Score - Extraordinary

-Emmett Malone (BMP_Emmett)

Quick Cigar Review: Davdioff | Yamasa Toro