Quality Importers Announces Humidor Supreme Balthazar - Cigar News

Quality Importers Announces Humidor Supreme Balthazar – Cigar News

Quality Importers Trading Co. has announced the Humidor Supreme Balthazar end table humidor. Humidor Supreme is the new line of upscale desktop, furniture and commercial humidors. The new Balthazar takes a modern approach to humidor design, made to be visually appealing as well as funcional. With its minimalistic approach, it uses clean lines with subtle details to fit in any space.

The Balthazar has a glass top lid and features the brand’s SureSeal® technology to control air flow in and out of the humidor . Two large cigar trays with two dividers each sit atop the inner cavity—each tray capable of holding 96 toros or 192 coronas. Removing the trays exposes a large area for bulk storage to hold an additional 350 toros or 640 coronas with additional dividers for optimal organization. Total capacity is estimated at 542 toros or 1,024 coronas, based on common sizes for those vitolas (toro: 6”x52; corona: 5.25”x42). The felt-lined accessories draw is segmented into three compartments-providing a safe space to keep a collection of cigar lighters and cutters, while still leaving room to store extra two-way humidity packs. The exterior features chrome hardware that accents the wood veneer including the external instrument panel holding the hygrometer and thermometer, the lock’s faceplate, an accessories draw handle and carrying handles on the sides.

The Balthazar comes in two finishes: black oak and walnut. It was shown off at the PCA tradeshow and will ship November 2021. Suggested retail price is $659.99.