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announced the in December 2017 on facebook, noting that he didn’t know if he would even sell it. Just about a month later, they made their way on sale in very small quantities.

Quick Cigar Review: Dunbarton T&T | Muestra de Saka UnicornSaka tells about the process creating the cigar on Facebook, “It is a very very very small project I undertook after having experienced smoking some of those $250 – $2,000 cigars that have been proliferated into the marketplace in recent years. Some by legit makers, others by not so legit imo.” said Saka.

Quick Cigar Review: Dunbarton T&T | Muestra de Saka UnicornThe vitola for the is the 6.25 x 60 Diadema that made in a custom mold based on a prototype that was turned on a lathe by Saka himself. “Lucky I still have all my fingers.” said Saka.

Quick Cigar Review: Dunbarton T&T | Muestra de Saka UnicornPart of what makes this cigar so expensive is the tobacco selection process. He sorted through over 6,000 pounds of leaf they chose only the absolute best to go into the . Only about 1% of the tobacco was good enough for this cigar. The only components about the blend that are disclosed are the wrapper and Nicaraguan filler. These cigars were rolled as the other in the line at

The went on sale mid January, 2018 only to select retailers of products and most of them were not sold outright, but reserved for special contests and customers. Only 1000 cigars were produced and cost $100 per cigar. As mentioned on Facebook “I don’t wanna be in the crazy $100 cigar business, it really was just a cool pet project that got a little out of control.”

Pre-Light Notes


Perfecto Cigar, smells of strong sweet tobacco on the wrapper with some barnyard on the foot. Very rugged wrapper with large veins and visible seams.

The wrapper is very oily and smooth to the touch. There are two notable veins coming down the wrapper. The wrapper smells like deep aging room tobacco, and I don’t get much off the foot because of it’s size. Cold draw tastes sweet like candy.

Quick Cigar Review: Dunbarton T&T | Muestra de Saka UnicornFirst Third


Blast of sweetness rushes the pallet with some pepper coming in right behind to coat my tongue. Cigar transitions into some dark chocolate with some espresso notes.

The first puffs are just the right amount of pepper spice, along with leather. Things take a while to get going as with all figurados, but once they do, I am rewarded with some great baking spices in the back of the throat and an unmistakable coffee flavor.

Quick Cigar Review: Dunbarton T&T | Muestra de Saka UnicornSecond Third


The Second third transitions into some wood notes up front with that espresso and dark chocolate coming in and out. The pepper has calmed down and through the retrohale I get a bit of citrus with a hint of caramel.

The has really begun to shine with the leather and earthiness I expect. This is still accompanied by the coffee flavor found in the previous third. Further into the third I begin to pick up bitter cocoa, in a good way. The burn and draw are flawless, which is exceptional especially for a figurado vitola usually known for problems like this.

Quick Cigar Review: Dunbarton T&T | Muestra de Saka UnicornFinal Third


The Final third transitions with a kick up in spice and a taste remnant of charred meat. Getting a real nice creamy mouth feel on the smoke. Toward the end the cigar flavors turned earthy with that spice staying strong.

The flavor profiles has shifted again in this cigar, this time back towards the earth and mineral size from the beginning. The coffee flavor is still there but along with mineral and baking spice. The cocoa flavor from the previous third is gone and replaced

Quick Cigar Review: Dunbarton T&T | Muestra de Saka UnicornOverall Thoughts


While the Diademas size was amazing I always find them a struggle with construction, burn, etc. This cigar from a construction point of view was on point. The burn was great, and the cigar smoked perfectly. Would I spend $100 on this cigar if it was regular production? Of course not. Definitely a treat to smoke and I was happy to get the chance. I give this a score of 93.

I loved this cigar. It was almost exactly what I expected it to be: a really high quality cigar that you can taste the quality of the tobacco. It performed perfectly and had the flavors of a classic profile. I had a hard time picking out flavors for this cigar because it really just tasted like really really good tobacco. Would I pay $100 for this again? Probably not. Would I pay $30? Probably. It is that good. Am I glad I bought one and smoked it? Yes. Just for the experience and to say I tried one was worth it. I give this a score of 95.

Total Score - Excellent

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and showed off Todos Lad Dias at the 2017 IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas. Todos Las Dias is a self admitted gringo translation of “All the Days.” Saka says that Todos Las Dias represents the prototypical bold flavors that represent the heart of Nicaraguan soil’s peppery tobaccos and the reward of their hard work. This all Nicaraguan cigar contains no pompous claims, and is an authentic cigar meant to be smoked by people who love cigars and don’t care what you think. Read our review of the Todos Las Dias here where is scored 91.

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