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Tag: Aromas de Jalapa

Blind Cigar Review: KILO | Toro

“I was kind of surprised by this cigar. Normally, I find that dark leafed cigars have a boldness to the flavor and strength that carry out through the entirety of the experience. The build up in strength, especially at the end, wasn’t present in this the cigar. The first third was by far my favorite and had the boldest flavors found; while the last two thirds seemed muted in comparison. It wasn’t a bad cigar but it did leave me wanting more in terms of flavor and complexity.” -Alan (Eulogy)

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Blind Cigar Review: Ezra Zion | All My Exes Robusto

“This was a pretty good smoke in my book. It didn’t really knock it out of the park, but it didn’t disappoint by any means either. It had some interesting flavors I don’t often find in most cigars, but it didn’t really have any transitions. I wouldn’t buy a box of these, but I would definitely tell someone else to give it a try if they were looking for something new.” -Jeff (ExpendableYouth)

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Blind Cigar Review: Guayacan | Sabor de Estelí Corona

“If you are looking for a powerhouse cigar that offers sweet undertones and a smooth, crisp retrohale, this is for you. Definitely not for the weak at heart. This cigar is everything a smoker who enjoys full flavored smokes could ask for. Ready to smoke right when I got it, this cigar needs little rest to allow it to fully mature into an after dinner delight. Definitely grab some of these if you want to challenge your palate to a fistfight full of potential and destruction. Excellent cigar.” -Steve (ThaGreatWazoo)

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Blind Cigar Review: Draig | Cayuquero Corona

“If it weren’t for the draw, this would have been an enjoyable cigar. As it was, I didn’t smoke it nearly as far down as I would prefer for a premium cigar, particularly for a review…it was just too much work, unfortunately. Maybe the next one will be better!” -Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)

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