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Blind Cigar Review: Maya Selva | Villa Zamorano Reserva Robusto Score 86%

Blind Cigar Review: Maya Selva | Villa Zamorano Reserva Robusto

“This was a decent cigar although the lemon citrus notes almost became too much for me at one point. I enjoyed the woodiness and the hints of leafy vegetation and mild nuttiness that was there from time to time. I’d definitely try this cigar again, to re-evaluated the overall flavors and note any flavor changes with an improved draw.” -Diana (ArmyRN)

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Cigar News: Maya Selva Announces Several New Products for InterTabac 2019

Maya Selva Cigars is releasing their third annual cigar celebrating the Chinese New Year. This year’s edition is the YEAR OF THE RAT.  The design line brings together traditional Chinese patterns and Mayan hieroglyphics. The Rat is the first of the 12-year cycle of animals that represent the Chinese zodiac. According to Chinese tradition, 12 animals guard the gates of Heaven. According to Mayan tradition, we are all born with a Nahual, or spirit animal, that guides us through life.

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Cigar News: Maya Selva Announces Year of the Pig

Maya Selva Cigars will be bringing a new release to InterTabac 2018, the Year of the Pig. This is a limited edition cigar with the motto “to good fortune in 2019.” This is the second year in a row that Maya Selva Cigars has released a special edition cigar for Chinese New Year. The blend uses tobacco from Honduras and Nicaragua.

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Cigar News: Maya Selva Announces Flor de Selva Colección Aniversario Nº20

HOLLYWOOD, FL — As part of their 20th anniversary celebration in 2015, Maya Selva Cigars has added a new cigar to their Flor de Selva collection: the Lancero. Due to its success, they decided to create an entire 20th Anniversary collection–including the most popular vitolas in Europe: the Egoísta, Robusto, Petit Corona, and Tempo. The official name is the “Colección Aniversario Nº20.” After an enormous response in Europe, they are now bringing the Colección stateside as their official 2017 release.

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Blind Cigar Review: Maya Selva | Cumpay Maduro Volcán

“I like almost everything about this cigar. It was different in all three phases, but the same notes were present in each part. They could each stand alone, but when smoked together, it was a great progression. I will smoke this cigar again, I just need to find out what it is first!” -Jack (Jack_H)

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Blind Cigar Review: Maya Selva | Flor de Selva Maduro No. 15

“This was a fun cigar with interesting notes you won’t find on your typical full-flavored stick. I’d recommend smoking this when you have some time to decipher the full range of flavors it offers – maybe not for the novice smoker. And while there were a few hiccups, I’d certainly smoke another, given the opportunity – maybe a longer acclimation period would help sort out its flaws.” -Jordan (Cigar Dojo)

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Quick Cigar Review: Maya Selva | Villa Zamorano El Gordo

I have to say that for a $3.50 cigar this could easily be a daily smoke if you find the flavors in your wheelhouse. Lots of interesting transitions through each of the thirds. Performance was fantastic and really just capped off an excellent smoking experience. I would highly recommend that you pick some up and see if they are a fit for your humidor.

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