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Blind Cigar Review: Ventura | Archetype Cloaks Score 91%

Blind Cigar Review: Ventura | Archetype Cloaks

“This was a very tasty cigar for me and hit a lot of different flavor notes that my palette enjoyed immensely. There was enough variation and change that I was kept interested and paid more attention while smoking because of the constant nuanced changes. This is a great cigar for almost any level of cigar smoker. Not too strong for a beginner and complex enough for the seasoned smoker’s palette.” -Diana (ArmyRN)

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Blind Cigar Review: Ventura Cigars | PSyKo Seven Maduro Robusto

“This cigar was very good considering the deficiencies that it produced. A very nice pepper and leather flavor profile came through and the strength was very maduro-esque. A little time to develop should help these grow into a delightful cigar.” -Steve (ThaGreatWazoo)

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