Press Release: Cigars (FAC) is proud to announce the launch of our Official Online Store. Cigar lovers will find our brands: EGO, Limited Reserve Something Special, Ringo and Havana Sunrise Reserve available in a variety of purchase options from single sticks to sampler packs to full boxes.

Being a manufacturer of premium hand-made cigars, it’s important to establish as many channels as possible that make getting our cigars in the hands of those that want to enjoy them easy. Our online store in intended to meet the daily requests we’re receiving from folks interested in buying our cigars but not having a retailer sometimes within a 100-mile radius. Our online store immediately resolves this issue and gives our customers what they’ve been asking for.

Cigar News: Felix Assouline Cigars Opens Online Store

Cigar News: Cigars Opens Online Store

We at FAC value our retail distribution points and will continue to support them. In fact, our online prices will be in line with those found at a local brick and mortar. But now customers won’t have to look far if they can’t find our cigars near them.

At Blind Man’s Puff we have reviewed two of the lines so far, the Ringo Colt and the Something Special Majestic.

You can visit their online store at:

You can follow them on twitter here: @AssoulineCigars

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Cigar News: Cigars Opens Online Store