Cigar News: German Engineered Cigars Announces "NN"

Cigar News: German Engineered Cigars Announces “NN”

Cigar News: German Engineered Cigars Announces "NN"The company German Engineered Cigars has announced a new line of cigars, NN. If the name doesn’t sound familiar it’s because this is a relatively new company. You may remember seeing their first line of cigars to the U.S. market RVGN Rauchvergnügen, which we reviewed here in 2019 and gave it a 91. The company German Engineered Cigars was created a few months ago, and RVGN falls under that umbrella. Also under the umbrella is the KENTRON ashtray project. German Engineered Cigars will continue to distribute the RVGN Rauchvergnügen brand and will introduce more lines in 2021.

Cigar News: German Engineered Cigars Announces "NN"NN is described as “a very reduced cigar concept and a logical continuation on this path.” Being German engineers, the brand is build on two pilars: manufacturing quality and sensory experience. This new brand focuses exclusively on these essentials. NN is a no-frills brand without fancy pictures, artsy boxes,  distracting story, and even the name is simple, NN is short for „non nominandum“ – “not named.”

Cigar News: German Engineered Cigars Announces "NN"The first blend of NN is the NN01 limited to a total of 5.000 cigars, in boxes of 25. Once that is sold out, they release the next blend in a series. NN01, is rolled at Tabacalera William Ventura in the Dominican Republic and comes in one vitola, a Churchill 7“ x 48 which the company says gives it the ideal balance of length and diameter for this blend. It is a medium-bodied cigar and blend info is undisclosed, also indended to keep from distraction. NN01 sells for $8.90 a stick and ships January 2021.

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