Cigar News: Xikar Announces New Products for IPCPR

Cigar News: Xikar Announces New Products for IPCPR

Cigar News: Xikar Announces New Products for IPCPR Xikar has announced several new products for the upcoming IPCPR trade show starting later this week. There will be 4 new lighters, lower price point on their high performance fuel, and a new flameless lighter.


The three new lighters at the show will be the HP3 Triple Flame Lighter,  Turismo Double Flame Lighter, and Verano Flat Flame.

The HP3 triple flame lighter is a followup to last years HP4 quad flame lighter we reviewed here. It uses an in-line triple flame ignition system that has the jets angled 8 degrees to the center so they come together into one big flame. The HP3 comes in 4 finishes: Burnt Yellow, Daytona Red, Matte Black and G2.

The Turismo double flame lighter has a sleek all-metal body wrapped with two rugged side panels providing additional grip. It is small enough and rugged enough for a pocket. The Turismo is available in 4 all matte finishes: Matte Black, Matte Red, Matte Blue and Matte Gray.

The Verano Flat Flame is a new concept. It uses two flame in flat shape that makes a thin flame that saves fuel and allows precision. They say it is good for any size cigar. This unique lighter is available in 4 finishes: Black, Silver, G2 and Vintage Bronze.

High Performance Butane

Last year, Xikar launched a new High Performance Premium Butane that received a warm reception and reviewed well on our site here. This year they are lowering the price due to their expanded buying power after Xikar’s acquisition by Quality Importers, and are adding a smaller size, a 1.9 ounce can. The 8oz will retail for $9.95 (was selling for $12.95) and the 1.9 oz will retail for $5.95.


Xikar will be bringing a flameless electronic lighter to the trade show. Named XFlame, this lighter is fully electronic, uses a lithium-ion batter, and heats up rapidly and is rechargeable.

It can light up to a 62 ring-guage cigar and is TSA Safe that can be carried in carry-on. It will retail for $69.95.