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Blind Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda | Special Selection Gran Toro Score 89%

Blind Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda | Special Selection Gran Toro

“This cigar was fun to smoke. Though it may not be my favorite size, I prefer a 42-48RG, I never once felt uncomfortable smoking it. It was ever changing and kept my interest throughout. This would make a great cigar that could be enjoyed as you were day drinking. Would pair well with any type of spirit and most wines due to it flavor profile. It is a little bit of a time commitment due to it’s size but well worth it. I will have to grab a few for my next beer fest or social gathering where I know I will have the time to enjoy it. ” -Estevan Z. (TheRealBanzi)

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Quick Cigar Review: Don Lino Africa | Robusto Score 89%

Quick Cigar Review: Don Lino Africa | Robusto

While I have never smoked the original Don Lino I have seen them in catalogs etc. but I can’t make any comparisons. I did enjoy this cigar but it’s not in my top 5 cigars that come from Miami Cigar and Company. The creaminess at the end really brought this cigar home and I do recommend picking up a fiver at the very least.

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Cigar News: Miami Cigar & Co. Re-releasing Nestor Miranda Special Selection

Miami Cigar & Company has announced Nestor Miranda will be re-releasing the Special Selection line to celebrate their 30th anniversary. The cigar was originally made in the mid-2000’s and again will be made at the My Father Cigars factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The blend uses a Habano Rosado wrapper and comes in “traditional formats” in the $7.00 price range.

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Blind Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda Collection | Corojo Coffee Break Score 92%

Blind Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda Collection | Corojo Coffee Break

“Even though this cigar was a mild/medium taste, the woody flavors had a nice balance throughout. There were flavors of oak and cherry wood with a nice campfire aroma coming from the smoke. The after-taste was not over powering and left a nice taste behind. Even though a bitter flavor showed, it did not come until almost at the end. Overall I am very pleased and would love to enjoy this one again.” -Eric (smalls29)

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Cigar News: Viva Republica Announces Cloak & Dagger

Miami, Florida- Viva Republica, the premium handmade cigar manufacturer announces a new series named Cloak & Dagger. This new effort will allow the company to quickly release an array of limited edition blends. The Cloak & Dagger program is unique, as the blend contents will not be released to the public. The first blend under the Cloak & Dagger series is the: Ojos Verdes cigar.

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Cigar News: Miami Cigar & Co. Announces Exclusive Distribution Deal With Toscano

(Miami, Florida) February 3, 2016— Miami Cigar & Company proudly announces that they have reached an agreement to become the exclusive distributor of Toscano Cigars in the United States. Based in Tuscany, Italy, Toscano produces high quality fermented Kentucky tobacco. The brand has forever been immortalized through film and television, most well known as Clint Eastwood’s go-to cigar in Sergio Leone’s “Dollars Trilogy” film series and other Spaghetti Westerns.

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Cigar News: Miami Cigar & Co. Expands Sales Team with the Addition of Nate McIntyre

(Miami, Florida) January 6, 2016— Miami Cigar & Company continues its growth, as the group welcomes Nate McIntyre to the family.

Nate McIntyre brings with him a strong resume, long tenure of great relationships and extensive knowledge in tobacco. McIntyre served as the National Sales Director for House of Emilio, and later as the US Director of Sales for Cubanacan Cigars. McIntyre will now oversee sales in the South Eastern region for Miami Cigar & Co.

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