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Blind Cigar Review: J.C. Newman | The American No. 3 Score 89%

Blind Cigar Review: J.C. Newman | The American No. 3

“The aroma of berries and chocolate were very inviting and promising. However, upon lighting, the chocolate turned to a coffee flavor with hints of berries. It was a pleasant cigar int he beginning. As I approach the second third, the berries slowly diminished and the coffee flavor took over. The one plus was the pepper flavors that left a nice tingle on the lips. As time went on, the coffee turned bitter like the bottom of a pot that had been sitting on the burner far too long. Eventually I was left with a bitter taste with only the peppery tingle keeping me going. Not sure if I would want this one again.” -Eric (smalls29)

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Blind Cigar Review: Home Roll | HR103 Nic Score 83%

Blind Cigar Review: Home Roll | HR103 Nic

“I struggled with the rating on this one. I ended up giving it the benefit of the doubt and rating it “good” instead of “fair” because it was not in my wheelhouse. Overall, I wouldn’t want to smoke it again. It strikes me as very similar to several homerolls I’ve tried, the flavor profile was overly syrupy, and lacked clarity. I tend to prefer a cleaner flavor profile. It’s not for me, but fans of sweet cigars or sumatra wrappers might appreciate this one.” -Derek (StogieNinja)

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Blind Cigar Review: Warped | La Colmena Black Honey Score 90%

Blind Cigar Review: Warped | La Colmena Black Honey

“Very solid cigar across the board. It won’t change your life or make you feel as if you’d been touched by the hand of God, but it is a well constructed and tasty smoke. It doesn’t require much effort to tease out and identify exotic flavors, or significant transitions, but what is there is very up front, and enjoyable. ” -John I. (John I.)

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Blind Cigar Review: Home Roll | Brazilian Villain Score 89%

Blind Cigar Review: Home Roll | Brazilian Villain

“This was a nice mild to medium smoke, which only got into the straight medium in the final third. The cigar was very smooth with a small sweetness that held my attention that resembled marshmallow. I highly recommend this cigar as you first smoke of the day with morning coffee. I would like to smoke more of these.” -Mickey T. (irratebass)

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Blind Cigar Review: Cornelius & Anthony | Cornelius Toro

“This is a cigar that I feel could benefit from an extended nap in the humidor to smooth out the edges and let the lesser, more nuanced flavors emerge. As it is, it is a good smoke, but I would hesitate to recommend it to a new smoker, and would certainly not have someone try this one for their first retrohale. Once I find out what this is, I may hunt down a few to bury in the humidor for 12 months or more…just to see what father time can do. ” -Jason H. (Jokey Smurf)

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Top 25 – 2015

Voting Process

Each of our 16 panelists were given 10 votes to cast. Our list is made up of cigars that were RELEASED in 2015. The cigars that are eligible do not have to have been reviewed on Blind Man’s Puff, but the panelist must have smoke it at some point themselves.

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Blind Cigar Review: George Rico | S.T.K. Miami Barracuda Limited Edition Maduro 2014

“Overall, this was a very good cigar. I enjoyed the earthy and creamy notes of roasted nuts, bread, cedar and black pepper quite a bit. These flavors intermingled very well together. There was a lack of complexity and changes, but being a 60 minute smoke or so, this doesn’t bother me that much.” -Jiunn (jliu)

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