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Blind Cigar Review: Illusione | Epernay 10th Anniversary d’Aosta Score 87%

Blind Cigar Review: Illusione | Epernay 10th Anniversary d’Aosta

“Overall, this was a very very good medium bodied smoke that anyone could enjoy with an awesome first two thirds and a decent last third that wasn’t as impressive as the first two. The natural peanut butter flavor is what sold me on this cigar, who doesn’t like the great taste of a natural creamy peanut butter oozing with oils and deliciousness? While probably not the top tier of sticks I have had, it did make quite an impression with me and is deserving of more in the future.” -John A. (Bostoneo)

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Editorial: Cigar Events on a Smaller Scale

In the case of shop events, it can be challenging for a small cigar shop.  The difficulty comes in a few different forms.  On one hand, a smaller cigar shop simply doesn’t have as much space for customers.  Also, a brand owner would typically be less inclined to spend the time money and effort to hold an event at a small cigar shop.  But brands who have a broad following and dedicated group of talented sales reps can take chances on small shop events, and sometimes turn them into a success.  In late July of 2018, I spent the evening at my local shop and had a wonderful time at a small scale cigar event.

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Top 25 – 2015

Voting Process

Each of our 16 panelists were given 10 votes to cast. Our list is made up of cigars that were RELEASED in 2015. The cigars that are eligible do not have to have been reviewed on Blind Man’s Puff, but the panelist must have smoke it at some point themselves.

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Cigar News: Cigar Media Association Announces 2014 Cigar Industry Award Winners

The Cigar Media Association, of which Blind Man’s Puff is a member, is pleased to announce the 2014 Cigar Industry Award Winners. With the establishment of the Cigar Media Association in 2014, the 14 members involved in the association wanted to create an award ceremony where they could honor and celebrate the companies and individuals in the cigar industry. This marks the first time a collaborative effort among various brands of the cigar media have come together for such a process.

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Tips and Tricks: Best Budget Cigars

This is a compilation of our favorite budget cigars, some we have reviewed, some we have not. We will try and get to reviewing all of these eventually and we will keep adding more bargains as we find them.

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