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Category: SWAG

IPCPR 2014: The Show in Pictures – The Full List

Since the show, we had been publishing the various slideshows of the different booths we took pictures of. Here you can see the full list and click directly to the slideshow as the manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order.

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IPCPR 2014: The Show in Pictures – Black Label Trading Co., Boutique Blends, Buho and Cabal

This year, we decided to give you a tour of the show through the pictures we took while we were there. Some are of new items, and some are just things we thought were interesting. These manufacturers were not sharing booth space, we just combined them into a single slideshow due to the number of pictures we had from each.

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Blind Cigar Review: SWAG | Fierce

Overall very pleasant, gained strength and complexity throughout the experience. Coffee cocoa and pepper were the standout flavors throughout the cigar. Only detractors were tar experience and slightly bitter finish. These cigars can be had at a very reasonable price, so this appears to be a good buy for the money.

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