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Date: 8/23/2017

Press Release: Blind Man’s Puff Expands Staff with a COO and CMO

Press Release: Blind Man’s Puff Expands Staff with a COO and CMOBlind Man’s Puff Brings on COO and CMO

Zane Gamble and Matthew Tye Join Blind Man’s Puff as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer

Blind Man’s Puff is pleased to announce that Zane Gamble and Matthew Tye are officially joining the company as COO (Chief Operating Officer) and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) respectively.

Zane has a professional background in Operations with 12 years of experience running day to day operations as well as P&L responsibilities of a 78 Million dollar a year contract. Zane is currently in IT doing Product Management for a large software company. Zane has been a review panelist for BMP since 2016 and enjoying premium cigars since 2012.

Press Release: Blind Man’s Puff Expands Staff with a COO and CMOMatthew is based in Minnesota and has been enjoying fine cigars since the mid 1990s. He joined BMP as a review panelist and writer in early 2016. Matthew is extremely active in the online cigar community and also has some experience in the retail end of the cigar business. Most of you probably know him as “A Huge Nerd”. His education is in Music, and his professional background includes Ministry, Information Technology, and Telecommunications.

Emmett Malone will remain the Owner and CEO, and continue to retain many of his current functions, now with more of a focus on strategy and vendor relationships. Emmett started Blind Man’s Puff in 2013 with the vision of redefining the blind cigar review and has quickly become the go-to website for online cigar reviews.

BMP has grown to the point where a larger team is necessary to keep the company running smoothly and allow for even more growth. Zane and Matthew are the perfect fit to keep the company moving forward. Zane will take on many of the operational pieces of the site including, but not limited to, review scheduling and follow up, cigar distribution, and copywriting news and reviews. Matt will be responsible for more of the marketing side of the business, such as social media, contests and giveaways, and communication/coordination with other blogs/magazines/podcasts. Matt will also write content for news, editorials, and reviews.


For more information, please contact Emmett Malone by calling 720.226.5800, or e-mail Zane can be reached at and matthew can be reached at